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posted by [personal profile] deathisyourart at 02:51pm on 01/05/2009 under
The Multifandom VID Commentary Challenge!

The objective of this challenge is for you to write or record your own commentary for a vid (or many vids) that is/are not of your making. This is not a review, a critique, or a recommendation, and we don't want a rehash of what the vidder says they did, we want to know what you believe the vid is doing; how and why it works.

Since this challenge requires you to work with vids that are not your own we require that you have vidder permission before beginning; you can obtain that permission either by e-mailing the vidder directly (if you know what vid you would like to work with), or you can check the Vidder Permission Post (linked below) to see who has volunteered their vids for use.

You, as commentator, can choose to either produce a written commentary with screencaps, or an audio/video commentary with a transcript. For examples of the different types of vid commentaries that we are looking for, check out the following links:

Written Commentary:
[personal profile] 12_12_12's commentary for Desert Rose by [personal profile] phoenixchilde.

[personal profile] 12_12_12's commentary for People All Get Ready by [personal profile] heresluck.

[personal profile] deathisyourart's commentary for Red by [personal profile] obsessive24.

Audio/Video Commentary
Andrew Dignan, Kevin B. Lee, and Matt Zoller Seitz of look at the title sequences for The Wire
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5

The Dates:

Sign-up: Now until the 17th of July.
Pimping: June 10th until June 30th.
Posting: July 1st until July 31st.

The Rules:

1.) Vids of all fandoms, characters, and/or pairings are permitted for commentary.

2.) More than one person can write or record a vid commentary on the same vid.

3.) You must have vidder permission before signing up for this challenge. I will be confirming this agreement between you and the vidder independently through private messages and e-mail, so please do not sign up before you are sure that the vidder is comfortable with you using his/her vid.

4.) Any vidder who wishes to give blanket permission or specific vid permissions can do so in the Vidder Permission Master List (linked below). Be warned that if you give permission to one person then you are giving permission to all.

5.) There is no maximum number of commentaries that you can sign-up for, but please be practical about what you can actually finish in the time allotted.

6.) I do not want to restrict anyone by saying that they cannot write a commentary on a vid that they beta-ed; however, this is about your views on what the vid is doing and how and why it works, not the vidders. I am trusting you to decide if your opinions on the vid have been overly influenced by the beta process and what the vidder's own intentions were, and to avoid picking a vid where this is the case.

7.) Please post all vid commentaries straight to the community, with a cut tag after the standard header. If you want to also post it to your own LJ then I ask that you wait a week after posting here.

8.) Hosting: All screencaps must be hosted on your own webspace/photobucket/scrapbook account. No hotlinking! All audio commentaries must be hosted on your own website or streaming site account and embeded within your post, not just linked.

9.) In the event that you are unable to finish the commentary you signed up for, please send me a private message immediately and I will remove you from the list.

10.) I encourage discussion in the comment section of the commentaries, but I do not tolerate trolls, flames, or any kind of rude behaviour. One infraction will get you a warning, multiple will get you banned and your named passed to every moderator of every community I know.

11.) The Dreamwidth amendment: If you possess both a Livejournal and Dreamwidth account, then please crosspost to both versions of this community and leave comments open on both sides. If you only have one journal or the other, then please indicate at the bottom of your post Posted to ***** journal only and I will mirror the post on the other journal service.

Signing Up

COMMENTATOR SIGN-UP - this is for commentators who wish to volunteer and claim a vid as their very own. Please leave your name, the vid title, the vidder, the fandom of the vid, and a link to the streaming/download page/LJ entry where it can be found. Note: We prefer LJ announcement entries over direct links to vid pages so that members of this community can leave feedback for the vidder if they wish.

VIDDER PERMISSION SIGN-UP - For vidders who wish to volunteer their work (either all or just specific vids) for commentary. Please leave your vidder name and a link to your webpage/vid tag page/vid announcement post(s).




All commentaries, should be posted to the community with screencaps and streaming audio hosted on your own accounts. No hotlinking! After the standard header please use an LJcut, and if the commentary takes more than one entry please remember to link them to one another, thank you!

For the subject line of the post:

Title by {vidder name here}, commentary by {your name here}.

Please use the standard header in the body:


Commentary By:

Ratings, warnings, and summaries are optional. Exception: All NSFW content must have a warning. Also, remember to place everything other than the standard header behind a cut tag.

If you have any questions please ask them here in this post.
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