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Community description:Vid Commentary Challenge
The Multifandom VID Commentary Community!
Home of the Vid Commentary Challenge, Vidder Interview and Meta Series, and the Vidder Profiles

Vid Commentary Challenge:
The original objective of this challenge was to write or record commentary for a vid that is not of your own making. Vidders LOVED them, and viewers got to flex their powerful *cough*geek*cough* analytical muscles. This community was and is still not looking for reviews, critiques, or recommendations, we want to know what you, the viewer, believe the vid is doing. How a vid works, and why it works for YOU is what we are curious about!

Additionally, we have added a vidder's vid commentary section to our challenges as well. We want to hear from our vidders, and find out what their original intentions were; why did they match that zippy sound in the music to that scene with all the mirrors, what was a happy accident, and was the vid heavily planned out or a fly by the seat of their pants endeavor? We viewers are a curious bunch and want to know it ALL!

If you volunteer to produce a commentary you can choose to either produce a written commentary with screencaps, or an audio/video commentary with a transcript.

The Dates:


PAST INTRODUCTORY INFORMATION POST: This post contains the rules, commentary examples and the posting template for the challenge. All questions should be posted as comments in this post, or e-mailed to the moderator at deathisyourart (at) yahoo (dot) ca.

Round 4 Signing Up Posts:

COMMENTATOR SIGN-UP - this is for commentators who wish to volunteer and claim a vid as their very own. Please leave your name, the vid title, the vidder, the fandom of the vid, a link to the streaming/download page/LJ entry where it can be found, and how you can be contacted. Note: We prefer LJ or dreamwidth announcement entries over direct links to vid pages so that members of this community can leave feedback for the vidder if they wish.

VIDDER PERMISSION SIGN-UP - For vidders who wish to volunteer their work (either all or just specific vids) for commentary. Please leave your vidder name and a link to your webpage/vid tag page/vid announcement post(s).

Vidder Profile Series:
Edited by [personal profile] bradcpu, and the occasional volunteer, the Vidder Profile Series is a monthly audio/visual interview showcasing the work of a current practitioner of this artform while discussing his or her style, approach, and general thoughts on vidding.

Dates: Returning at an unspecified future date.

The idea for this community came from [personal profile] sdwolfpup and [community profile] dvd_commentary.
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