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Title: Everything's Not Lost
Vidder: [personal profile] trelkez
Fandom: Doctor Who/Torchwood
Commentary By: [personal profile] charmax
Warnings: None. No spoilers, no violence, just love. British spelling so slight warning for the superfluous use of the letter u.
Image heavy with 48 caps, 300x167.

This vid was made specifically for [personal profile] fan_eunice and in that sense I guess it has an intended audience of one and that one isn't me. Eunice certainly deserves a vid that hugs you as hard as this one does. But that's the thing about vidding generally and this vid particularly it spreads its love and its enthusiasm way beyond its target audience. And that's why I chose to do the commentary on this vid because it seemed that the sentiment of the vid and the spirit of [personal profile] deathisyourart's vid commentary community are similar. Doing something nice for someone doesn't just make them feel a bit better it makes you feel good and if enough of that goes round then maybe, just maybe humanity can hold the cockroaches off for a few millennia yet.

I watch and love all the many flavours of vids but the ones I come back to again and again are the life-affirming ones and this vid is right at the top of my "Charmax needs to be reminded that people don't suck, at least not all the time" pile.

I think in some ways what this vid reminds me of most is the "Where The Hell Is Matt?" Youtube phenomenon. Both show how small the world has become and yet how huge it is, how diverse people are and yet how alike we are. On the face of it the Youtube vid is just some guy dancing in a bunch of different places with a bunch of different people and on the face of it this vid is just a bunch of hugs, yet there is something in those ever increasing circles of embraces that I find truly moving.

The intro deals with the doctor as an outsider coming to earth.


These are the opening four shots of the vid and via the use of wide shots clearly present us with the isolation of a lone traveller. There is a lovely flow of motion from the movement of Ten's arm through to the Tardis flying through space and the planet spinning and ends with a truly beautiful transition from the moon orbiting the earth to the Doctor orbiting the centre of the Tardis.


OK so the caps don't really do it justice but trust me this transition is a thing of beauty.

Also a thing of beauty. The doctor exits the Tardis with a look of distant curiosity on his face. Go ahead people of this planet impress me.


What he initially sees is deeply unimpressive - isolated people adrift in a world that doesn't care for them and in which people can just disappear without a trace.

I'll be counting up my demons hoping everything's not lost.
If there's one thing the doctor knows about it is isolation.

0.36-0.48 The Doctor's survivor guilt is beautifully explained in 12 visually gorgeous but emotionally painful seconds. Here is someone that destroyed his people and his planet, someone that will never feel truly at home or have a sense of belonging ever again.

0.49-1.18 In this sequence the Doctor forms connections with people, receives and gives help, comfort and above all friendship. 


The first time there is physical contact, in the vid, is when the Doctor is helped to his feet. Astrid spins around much to his amusement and he smiles back when Sarah Jane smiles at him. As the sequence progresses the Doctor is the one offering comfort wrapping his arms ever more enthusiastically around the people he cares for. These people that have touched his life have in return been touched by him. The Doctor isn't alone in his Tardis anymore he has companions. Not only are they connected to him but they are connected to each other and as the bonds of friendship expand outwards the pay it forward aspect of the vid really kicks in.


1.22-2.04  The doctor is entirely absent as goodwill and friendship spreads across the planet. Each companion goes out into the world and passes that love on in a pandemic of hugs in a gloriously uplifting montage that, like ripples in a pond, spread ever outward. Initially it is the companions offering help and friendship then those people extend friendship to others and really, I'm not making this sound nearly as heart-warming  as it really is. 


Owen and his big glowy thingummy of hope kick off a section in which comfort, love and friendship spreads around the world.

Sing out Yeah
What goes around comes around and the Doctor is back in the thick of the hugging action as everyone is reunited.

2.00 -2.14 This section never fails to make me want to buy the world a certain brown, carbonated beverage.

2-15-2.40 The tone changes as it reaches the end of the song. It sounds quieter and reflective. Greensilver excellently matches this tone with images that move away from the frantic interconnected hugging and instead focuses on calmer yet more epic demonstrations of the healing power of love. 


This scene perfectly recalls Owen's purple glowy thing from earlier in the vid. This is the Doctor saving people on a grand scale. He's not just helping his friends anymore he's stepping in to save total strangers. It's worth mentioning that there is another gorgeous transition from the glow in this scene to the sunlight bathed city in the third cap above.


We haven't seen these two guys before, we don't know anything about them and that's the point, they are you, me and everybody heading out of the darkness and into the light. 


The fact that things have reached beyond just our planet and that love and friendship have become truly all encompassing is emphasised by the Ood here. They could scarcely look less human yet their hopes and desires, their capacity for compassion is as great as our own.


These are the final three shots of the vid. This happy smiling Doctor is so far removed from that solitary damaged  time lord we met at the beginning of the vid. In connecting to others he has helped them and healed them and in so doing has been healed in return. He may still be alone in the Tardis but his friendships have touched his heart they are his home and his family. All is right with the universe and Charmax is a happy bunny.
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